Offshore Engagement Model

Hourly basis:
This is the most preferred method where hourly rates are most desirable for the small projects or where the specifications clearly indicate the working hours required for the project. Our hourly rates are very attractive and plenty of resources are available in Microsoft .NET and LAMP technologies.

Project basis:
If you have the clear specification and ready RFP document, we offer very attractive rates for execution of entire project. Customer can take advantage of fix cost and fix price for the Project. We provide web based transparent project management interface on the project.

Contract basis / Managed facility:
Interactive Media International has excellent infra-structure facilities and work environment for offshore project execution. Our office is equipped with latest HT based PC, Workstation and Server Farm with 24 hours backup facility and Internet gateway. We provide physical security, Computer security, Access Control system, protection of customer data and IPR. Interactive Media has extended contract basis manpower to Offshore Development Center (ODC). Customer can hire 1 person to 10 persons simultaneously as per the requirements ranging from 3 months to 1 year. We offer very attractive rates for longer period of Contract. We provide various levels of skill set ranging from Microsoft .NET, LAMP. Resources are from 2 years to 10+ years of experience in Software Development in cutting edge technology.

On site Consulting:
For complex project execution, knowledge transfer and short term requirements of the consultant, we provide on site consulting services. We send most experienced resources with knowledge of applicable Software that works with the team and interact with the customer on site throughout Development life cycle of the project.